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Three suggestions for “newbie” product designers

My medium post: Three suggestions for “newbie” product designers

“We did all the right things to kick off the project including conducting thorough research, aligning our product team and stakeholders around our design concepts, even validating the concepts with our clients by co-designing with them. So why did we still have so much back-and-forth discussions when translating the concepts into final screen designs?”

The design process should never be something static and standardized. Rather, it should be agile enough to respond to the unique needs of different projects.

Trust me. It doesn’t matter where you work: big company, small company, “cool” company or “ old-school” company, you will always come across various constraints.

If we honor our “newbie” stage, we will gain the momentum that ultimately cultivates the mindset: always maintaining doubt over authorities, certainties, and patterns, which is the big differentiator between the experienced designer and the great designer.


Being a product designer is a demanding yet rewarding work. It is way beyond making things look pretty. We may work as the product designers for different reasons and goals with different philosophies. But one thing we have in common for sure is we all went/are going/will go through a newbie stage. Use it to learn, fail and grow with the precious humble curiosity and courage unique in the newbie stage.

I don’t know about you, I think I will always see myself as a newbie product designer.

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