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Hi, welcome!

This website is designed to help you evaluate if I'm a good fit for a design role in your team before you even talk to me.


To respect both of our time, you can filter me out now, if you are looking for a designer who:


  • comes from the graphic design or visual design background, and is expected to focus on the UI design;

  • spends most of the work time on building screens to meet the written requirements rather than understanding and defining the problem;

  • works in the rigid 9 to 5 in the office cubicles.

None of the above is in your checklist? 

Great! Nice to meet you!

Know more about Lu Chen
Where I started
Where I started
Where I am
Where I'm heading 

2B vs. 2C


2B project: MXR, 


2C project consumer project: WGU. 


By industry:


By corporate/team size:


By country

I know you probably know it, but still, an honest reminder that a portfolio 

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