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House on a hill

Designing and building one's own house can be a spiritual journey. Ethan and I embrace every experience and opportunity during this journey for awareness:


who we are, 

what we should appreciate, 

how to live a more meaningful life.

This is the waterfall design process. But any agile would work?

Project Overview

This is an ongoing project.

Project name:

Lucy & Ethan's Customized House

Estimated Duration: 

Nov 2017 ~ May 2018

Team and responsibility:

Project manager: Ethan

Design Lead: Lucy 

Builder: Shusterhomes

What is COOL about this project:

The clients of this project that Ethan and I

work for are ourselves. 

Project Goals

  • Design and build a house that is aligned with our faith, lifestyles and taste. (It is a product design)

  • Enjoy the whole process and create the pleasant experience for everyone involves in this journey as well. (So, it is an experience design too)

  • Explore a more innovative and productive work mechanism between the designer and the engineer. I'm the prodcut designer in my daily job, and Ethan is the project engineer in his daily job. ( Well, it is also an exploratory design) 

Stage 1


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stage 2


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stage 3


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stage 4




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stage 5

move in

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What are our needs?

I want to build a house that helps us achieve the balance between simplicity and humanity in our life.

This house needs to be an engineering art. I mean, beautiful and functional.

Let me find out what it looks like in my mind. LOVE Pinterest!

This is what I mean by Scandinavian kitchen.

I like that! Neat and stylish.

Isn't cool if we have a wood craft station in the basement?


Consult builder:

It is time to talk about feasibility

  • What are the constraints that we currently have?

  • What is the optimal collaboration model of this couple team?

  • Differentiating what we want and what we really need is not as easy as we thought.

  • Articulating the needs is a learnable skill.

What we learned

We need a house that helps to calibrate our way of living to find a balance between simplicity and humanity, where we focus on what’s important to find real happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

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